Jean Seizure


Taking punches

I went for combat night for the first time tonight and it was quite the experience! Combat night is a night of physical training and then sparring. I made the mistake of turning up with half a chocolate bun 5 minutes-fresh into my stomach, so I spent a lot of time reeling from it. But I am grateful that my classmates were very understanding. And these two guys were taking turns coaching me. I was so touched because they were actually paired up to train with each other before they adopted me.

The sparring was liberating. I'm not good at it for now and I kept getting punched everywhere but I really liked it. It probably looks very unsexy from a third person's perspective though, so I guess I'll be turning up on Fridays a more often just to get down with the flow. 

So when combat night ended the exhaustion really hit and I really wanted to puke because of the poor chocolate bun that had to do binkies in my stomach - never eating half a chocolate bun five minutes before training ever again - but I made it to my bus stop like a champ. My head felt really weird? It felt tight. I know, it sounds ridiculous. I don't remember how many times I got hit in the face but that's probably why. 

I liked how my instructor ended the class with a few words of advice that were really motivational; something about not being afraid of taking punches. I took so many punches but they just fired me up even more (even though the mind is strong but the flesh is weak) and that empowered me. I know I will get better and I really want to. It also reminded me that hello, I'm not someone who has never taken/can't take many punches in life. I am looking forward to the day when I no longer feel like I can't breathe after just a few seconds into the sparring. AND THAT DAY WILL COME.