Jean Seizure


What pain do you want?

I read this super inspiring article today. I was taking a break from learning my stack of songs (I feel like I'm also at the same time learning another language, which is pretty cool) and then I stumbled across this article. And how apt can it get?!

I like to think about what I want out of my life. And it's pretty simple; It's always very simple things. I want to be happy. I want to get married. I want to earn enough. I want to be somebody to someone. I want to be good at this, or that. And many times I wonder why it always seems so hard. Though I know that it's not always easy, I don't always know it by heart. So along came this article. It said the most important question you can ask yourself is not exactly what you want out of your life, but more of how much you're willing to struggle for what you want. 


My brother once told me, "you see the light at the end of the tunnel but forget about the walk before it." Let me just cry for a moment here. It's also so easy to forget that and end up in a self-pitying rut.

We want hot bodies, to excel at something, we want freedom from whatever it is, but the journey isn't always going to feel encouraging... or promising. There will be times when we have no choice but to clean up some messes, even when we don't want to. That's why the question is what kind of pain are you willing to put yourself through. We can't avoid it; Pain will come with everything worth having.

Learning how to deal with that pain is a part of growth, just like muscle aches after a workout; And we are always growing. So, pick your bitter tea, Jean. And drink it. Some people can't bring themselves to sit down and work on all the paperwork, the nitty-gritty, the long hours, while some people just do it. Some people can live in the gym torching their fats and muscles away while some people can't. Different people are willing to struggle for different things, and therein lies their tunnel of light. It's very important to understand this. 

That made me think. I thought of the things I want out of my life, the things that I have or no longer have, and the pain that comes/came with having them; the categories of pain that I've willingly overcome, and those that I did begrudgingly. I guess I understood myself a little better.