Jean Seizure


24/12 A night of soul-baring

Two years ago, I wasn't at my best for a period of time. Someone I love took it as an opportunity to cheer me up. She brought me to Speakeasy, a spoken word poetry event. I have never been to a poetry event just because I never thought I would relate to poetry. But when she brought me to the event, I was greatly inspired by what I saw. The next thing I knew, we were going for spoken word poetry events whenever there were any, whenever we were free, and she said I should give it a try. So I did. The first time I read my own poem out loud to a room full of strangers was at Destination:INK. I remember I was so terrified, I messed up my first poem - because nobody knew when the poem ended - and I can't remember the rest. She was so proud though, she took videos. I felt so loved. 

Two years later - Last night, I spoke at Destination:INK as a featured artist for their 5th anniversary. By now, I have a lot more on my plate to stress about. Good problems, I would say, all arts or music-related according to the level that I've grown I would hope, but stressful enough to still make me forget that they're good problems. It happens when you're neck-deep in work. I was happy to do the 20-minute slot. I haven't lived in a while.

I read my old poems, two new ones, and sang some old originals together with the poems that were written along with them. It was tough. Because this time it was different. 
I had my row of friends, some mismatched with the surroundings because they never turn up at an event like this. They cheered for me whenever I hesitated. I felt like a rabbit in headlights. People were tearing up. My close friends... People from d:INK, strangers, too. They cried with me.

Thank you for the love, the encouragement and the acceptance.