Jean Seizure



I won't be in Singapore on my birthday and it's a strange feeling. I was looking forward to a quiet birthday celebration but I guess this year's birthday is going to be very different. 

My appetite hasn't been good lately. It's quite a bother because I love eating and not being able to stomach much of the food makes it less of an experience but more of a chore. I do have tons of things to do; from the whole chunk of Apex nonsense (it really is a lot) to my own preparations for my upcoming show and overseas trip (it's also really a lot). Sad to say my day wasn't particularly productive, or as productive as I hoped; when I get overwhelmed with thoughts I sometimes freeze like an animal caught in headlights. I'd love to take a break from work. Anytime. 

I can't wait for the weekend, though. Because somewhere someone will be experiencing that breath of freedom after a long while and I'm so happy for that. 

I hope you're still proud of me.