Jean Seizure


Who should put up with a fool

Been busy still. It's a good thing :) I've been surviving on a different timezone lately due to the nature of my current feature film project. It's mainly night scenes so we've been shooting overnight. I can't reveal much about it for now, but I am pretty excited for everything to be over with not because it's challenging and tiring and I'm falling sick but because I think I've acted like this before. Looking forward to sharing more. 


Busy B

I haven't been updating lately because I was busy being involved in Tree Potatoes' newest web series - I don't have the title for it yet because Bucket hasn't decided on one, but I think it's one of the best things that's happened to me this year.

I am in love with being on set because I feel so comfortable around these people. They brought out a side of me that I thought I'd lost. So I had a blast and I'm really looking forward to watching the final product in August. 

Tonight is going to be exciting and I can't wait to be a kid. 

on being there

Long time ago I used to hang out with this person who was very good at being there for people. I respected her very much for that. If it was a friend who needed someone to talk to she would sit with them until they felt better. Sometimes she would talk to them late into the night regardless of how tired she was, how much work she had or how early she had to be up the next day, and when her parents called to ask she would simply tell them she's with a friend and they would understand. Though I always wondered how anyone could be so irresponsible with their time just for someone else, I liked her definition of 'being there' very much.